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We support Supply Chain Management teams improve processes and procedures through implementation of Warehouse Automation and Asset Management Software solutions.​

Warehouse Workers
Warehouse Workers

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Warehouse Workers
Warehouse Workers

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Warehouse Operational Discipline secures Financial Control

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Our Services

We conduct WERC's benchmarking and best practices audit. We offer your organization comprehensive document covering your warehouse operation against proven set of industry standards.

Our key qualitative benchmarks across eight functional areas, including:

  • Receiving and Inspection
  • Material Handling & Put-Away
  • Slotting
  • Storage & Inventory Control
  • Picking & Packing
  • Load Consolidation & Shipping
  • Shipment Documentation
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Our Deliverables


  • Field review and assessment of Enterprise's Demand Planning Practice, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and Outbound=Route Planning.

  • Deliver a Value Stream Map to serve as guide to elimination of operational waste and to improvement of system integration.

  • Develop or revise a set of Standard Operating Procedures and Performance, as well as Evaluation metrics for the Logistics team.

  • Develop and deliver Training and Job Descriptions material.

Our Solutions


  • Achieve a low total cost of ownership and quick ROI.

  • Administer one single-source platform for all your mobility and automation needs.

  • Manage and maintain one platform with minimal effort.

  • Easily upgrade your front-end systems when you upgrade your ERP system.

Key Benefits

Warehouse automation can help you and your enterprise increase customer satisfaction to levels not otherwise possible through human-directed work alone. Automation is not only the future of warehousing but the badge of the modern warehouse, DC and manufacturing operation.

Warehouse automation comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. The important thing is to select the right types of automation for your company’s individual needs. While that doesn’t necessarily have to include physical automation with robots and automated material handling equipment, such as conveyers, sortations or storage equipment like carousels and AS/RS solutions, every warehouse can gain operational agility, flexibility and performance from some level of process automation.

To review:

  1. Automated mobile data collection enables your workforce to increase inventory data accuracy and productivity by eliminating manual capture processes.

  2. Inventory management software adds the next layer of automation by providing elevated inventory control and real-time visibility and into stock levels, storage locations and product information.

  3. Warehouse management systems (WMS) further optimizes and accelerates key warehousing tasks by directing receiving, putaway, picking, packing, shipping and space utilization along optimized routes.


Warehouse automation can:

  • Improve efficiency, productivity and accuracy

  • Increase visibility, control and operational agility

  • Raise job satisfaction for your workforce

  • Cut costs, reduce overhead and safety stock

  • Drive higher customer satisfaction

  • Generate downstream benefits for enterprise and supply chain