Get started with a discovery phase

The first principle of our discovery work is to detect and record signs causing slowdown of your organization's warehouse operation. (Whether it’s walking around with paper pick tickets, or checking off items in receiving on paper purchase orders, the potential for human error is high. In most case, paperwork can be misplaced. Handwriting can be hard to read) 

We follow the information flow and how, and how long the data is entered in your organization ERP System and we gauge percentage of data entry error.

We conduct complete discovery work of your organization's Warehouse Management daily practice and compare it to Industry Best Practices using                      methodology.

We look for ways to eliminate manual touchpoints and redundancies blocking transmission of data accuracy and more importantly denying your organization the leveraging of the ERP system.

We then evaluate opportunities for Mobile Data Collection proven solution supported by              and deliver Scope of Service Requirement for your organization to:

  • Integrate Mobile Data Collection Software with your organization's ERP or inventory control system. 

  • Design process workflow.

  • Provide your organization an estimate on the Implementation time and costs for both hardware and software.

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Symptoms of a Warehouse in Need of Optimization

There are many signs that warehouse inefficiency or inaccuracy is having a negative impact on your business. If your warehouse is suffering from one or more of these problems, it’s time to think about new technology to automate slow processes and improve accuracy.

  • Paper-based processes that require keying inventory transactions into the ERP system

  • High rate of order errors and customer returns

  • Costly shipment errors that result in missed customer expectations

  • Inefficient utilization of warehouse employees

  • Low morale among the warehouse workers and managers

  • Overstocking or stocking out of inventory items

  • Messy warehouse resulting in lost inventory and/or worker injuries

  • Misplacing or losing inventory after it’s been received

  • Too many inventory counts